Aachen, Katschhof

The Katschhof is a central square which is used in a multitude of ways. It is delimited by the cathedral and the town hall on the short sides and the Domsingschule (a private elementary school with a focus on choral singing), city council and town houses on the long sides. The name "Katschhof" ("Katsch yard") is derived from "Kacks" or "Katsch". That's what the pillory was called, which was in this place in medieval times. Today more pleasant events take place here. The Katschhof is used for periodic farmer's markets, city fairs, flea markets and open air concerts. The Christmas fair, which attracts many visitors from neighboring countries, also extends onto the Katschhof. In close proximity are the main market square with the Karlsbrunnen (Karl fountain), a large continuous pedestrian zone with restaurants, cafes and shops, the Elisenbrunnen with adjoining park and numerous other tourist features. The picture was taken during the Soccer World Cup 2006 which was publicly shown on big screen TVs.

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