Aachen, Kleinmarschiertor

The Marschiertor ("Marching Gate") was built in the 13th century and is one of eleven gates in the former city wall. Only two of those gates have been preserved: The Ponttor in the north and the Marschiertor in the south. In place of the former fortification, the Alleenring (ring of parkways) encircles the inner city and connects the streets which spread out in star formation from the city center. Like the Ponttor, the Marschiertor once had a second gate in front of it, but it has been destroyed. The main gate has been damaged in World War 2 and was just restored provisionally at first. Only after it had been handed over to the "Stadtgarde Oecher Penn", a traditional carnival society, the main gate was fully restored. It is now used for festivities and has room for 200 guests.

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