Aachen, Peasant Woman and the Devil

At the end of Kupfer street, where the roads to the top of hill "Lousberg" start, there is a sculpture called "Peasant Woman and the Devil." It was created by Christa Löneke-Kemmerling in 1985 and depicts the legend of the creation of the Lousberg: The people of Aachen had made a pact with the devil to finish the cathedral. In return the devil was promised the soul of the first being to enter the cathedral. But they tricked the devil and first chased a wolf through the portal. The devil was furious and decided to bury the city under a pile of sand. On his way to Aachen, he asked a peasant woman about the remaining distance to Aachen. The woman realized who he was and answered that she had bought her worn out shoes new on the market in Aachen that same day and that they had worn out from the long walk. Thereupon the devil threw down the sack full of sand so hard that it burst and created the Lousberg.

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