Düsseldorf, Gehry Buildings

The "Art and Media Center Rhine Haven", better known as the Gehry Buildings, was completed in the place of the old customs building in 1999. The American architect Frank O. Gehry has made a name for himself worldwide with his deconstructivist architecture. Among his creations are the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao, the Disney concert hall in Los Angeles and the dancing house in Prague (also known as Fred and Ginger.) New construction techniques had to be developed to put up the freeform facades of the three office buildings. The mirror surface of "House B" reflects the facades of the red "House A" and the white "House C" to create an optical connection among the group of buildings. The pedestrian bridge over the harbor entrance can be seen between the buildings. Towards the television tower, the building of the WDR is adjacent to the Gehry buildings. In the opposite direction, the "House of the Architects" is the beginning of the more densely packed architecture of the media harbor.

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