Korschenbroich, Liedberg, Historic Village Center

Liedberg, a district of Korschenbroich, is named after the highest elevation of Korschenbroich, the hill of the same name. The village center with its landmarked timber-framed buildings is situated on the north slope of the hill, which consists of quartzite, sandstone and sand. Today numerous mines still indicate that the Liedberg was once an intesively used source of building and raw materials. This also explains the name of the Sandbauernhof ("sand farm") in the village center. Today it is used for concerts and exhibitions. Liedberg won the "Unser Dorf soll schöner werden" (our village shall become more beautiful) competition in 1985. Close by, Castle Liedberg and the mill tower are evidence of the long history of this place.

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