Korschenbroich, Pesch, Church

St. Mary's church is located right in the middle of Pesch, which became a district of Korschenbroich in 1975. The church was built almost completely by local residents. Just one year after the laying of the foundation stone in June 1955, the church was blessed in June 1956. The tower was added on later: Even though the permit only allowed a tower as high as the eaves gutter, the tower was built to the originally intended height. The wall behind the altar is decorated with a tapestry that measures 30 square meters and has a weight of 220kg. The tapestry shows a collection of motives from the Bible and was woven by local residents in just eight weeks. The colorful stained glass windows were inserted in 1978 and blessed in 1979. The chappel predates the church: It was built in 1903 and landmarked in 2001.

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