Düsseldorf, Media Harbor, WDR entrance

The building of the West German broadcasting corporation, right underneath the Rhine Tower, marks the east end of the so-called Media Harbor. To the left of the WDR you can see the "City Gate". Its glass facade rises above the entrance to the Rhine Bank Tunnel (Rheinufertunnel). In the opposite direction you can just see the tip of the Rheinkniebrücke ("Rhine knee"-bridge) to the left of the television tower. The bridge connects Oberkassel on the left bank of the Rhine river with the south end of the city center of Düsseldorf on the right river bank. In-between the bridge and the WDR building, you see the end of the marina. The promenade splits at this point: Upstream it goes through a park on the river side of the marina and to the Gery buildings and "Monkey's Island" on the city side of the marina. Downstream the promenade leads past the parliament building and the Apollo Theater to the Old Town of Düsseldorf.

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