Mönchengladbach, Bus Stop at the Main Station

The Europaplatz ("Europe Square") is in front of the main station of Mönchengladbach. The square is dominated by the bus stops. It was remodeled over the course of two and a half years and reopened in August of 2000. Traffic can no longer go across the square but is routed along the west, north and east sides of the square. In the center of the square is the MöBus ("Mönchengladbach Bus") service center of the NVV AG. Solar panels on the roofs of the bus stops produce electric energy. A one kilometer long pedestrian street starts at the shopping mall "Vituscenter" and goes up to the old market square. Opposite of the main station is "Haus Westland". It is scheduled to be remodeled or replaced by a new building before 2009. Mönchengladbach hosted the Hockey World Cup 2006.

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