Düsseldorf, Rhine Tower

The Rhine Tower is a popular attraction of Düsseldorf. The "television tower" wasn't one until 2004: Only since the installation of the DVB-T antenna has it been broadcasting TV. The communications tower was built in 1979 and is open to the public. Two elevators transport visitors at a speed of 4 meters per second (13 feet per second). The observation deck with bar and lounge at an altitude of 170 meters offers an impressive view over the city and outskirts of Düsseldorf. The windows go all the way to the floor and are tilted such that it is possible to look straight down at the base of the tower. There are two more floors which are open to the public: One level below the bar and lounge, there is an open deck. Unfortunately the view is blocked by densely meshed grating. The restaurant "Top 180" is located one level above the observation deck. The outer ring of the restaurant turns at one revolution per hour.

Below, the river bends sharply. When viewed from above, it becomes clear how the "Rheinkniebrücke" (Rhine knee bridge) got its name. Located between the bridge and the Rhine Tower is the parliament of North-Rhine Westfalia. The elevated perspective highlights the nested round architecture of the parliament building. The white structure in front of the parliament is a temporary building. It accomodates the Rhine Opera Düsseldorf while the opera house is being renovated. Right next to the communications tower, the WDR (Westdeutscher Rundfunk, West German broadcasting corporation) doesn't leave you guessing: The building at the entrance of the media harbor clearly reads WDR on its roof. Adjacent to the WDR, the Gehry-buildings look just as skewed from above as they do from the street level.

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